OPI Australian Collection ~ Spring 2007 (part 2)

A49 Kangarooby  $15

A51 Canberra’t Without You  $12 

A52 Suzi Loves Sydney 

A53 Didgeridoo Your Nails?  $12 

A54 Don't Melbourne the Toast $15

Other colours in the collection
       A43 Fair Drinkum Pinkum $12
 A44 Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It 
 A45 Brisbane Bronze $12
 A46 Koala Bear-y $12
 A47 Red Hot Ayers Rock  
 A48 Fit for a Queensland $12
 A49 Kangarooby $15
 A50 A True Ab-Original 
 A51 Canberra’t Without You $12
 A52 Suzi Loves Sydney 
 A53 Didgeridoo Your Nails? $12
 A54 Don't Melbourne the Toast $15  

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