OPI Brights Collection ~ Summer 2005 (part 2)

B33 Up Front & Personal $12

B34 Pink Before You Leap  $12

B35 Charged Up Cherry  $12

B43 Go on Green!  $12

B44 Gargantuan Green Grape  $12

B46 Need Sunglasses? $12

Other colours in the collection

B23 Fireflies $12
 B24 Blue My Mind 
 B25 Azure for Sure 
 B26 Sonic Bloom 
 B27 Dominant Jeans  
 B28 Significant Other Color $12
 B29 Do You Lilac It? $12
 B30 Purple with a Purpose $12 
 B31 Flashbulb Fuchsia 
 B32 Dazzle Me $15
 B33 Up Front & Personal $12
 B34 Pink Before You Leap $12
 B35 Charged Up Cherry $12
 B36 That's Berry Daring 
 B37 Ladies & Magenta-Men 
 B38 Bright Light-Big Color 
 B39 Atomic Orange 
 B40 It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's OPI 
 B41 Totally Tangerine  
 B42 Electric Eel 
 B43 Go on Green! $12
 B44 Gargantuan Green Grape $12
 B45 Megawat?!  
 B46 Need Sunglasses?  $12

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