OPI British Collection ~ Fall 2003 (part 1)

       B11 Friar, Friar, Pants on Fire! 
 B12 Edin-burgundy 
 B13 Bare It In Trafalgar Square $12
 B14 My Throne for a Cranberry Scone
 B15 Lighten Up, You're Two Pence! 
 B16 Blushingham Palace $12
 B17 God Save the Queen's Nails $15
 B18 Double Decker Red 
 B19 Fee Fi Fo Plum $15
 B20 Chocolate Shake-speare $12
 B21 London Bridge is Falling Brown $15
 B22 Abbey Rose  $15

B13 Bare It In Trafalgar Square $12
B16 Blushingham Palace  $12

B17 God Save the Queen's Nails  $15

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