OPI Collezione Italiana ~ Spring 2001

I21 Sicilian Vermillion 
 I22 You Cannoli Imagione 
 I23 All Rose Lead to Rome 
 I24 Arrivederci 
 I25 You're a Pisa Work $12
 I26 My Auntie Drinks Chianti 
 I27 Italian Love Affair $12
 I28 Venus di Violet 
 I29 Naples Syrup 
 I30 Hey Vito, Is My Car Red-y? 
 I31 Your Villa or Mine? $12
 I32 Cara Mia Crimson  $12

pic belongs to thedailyvarnish.com
 I25 You're a Pisa Work $12

I27 Italian Love Affair  $12

I31 Your Villa or Mine? $12

pic belongs to metrobloggen.se
 I32 Cara Mia Crimson $12

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