OPI Colorcopia Collection (Limited Edition)

E16 Berry Berry Broadway  
(Fall/Winter 2000 "New York City" Collection)
E17 Cancún Fiesta 
(1989 OPI Nail Lacquer Launch Collection) 
E18 Copper Mountain Copper 
(Fall/Winter 1995 "Winter Resort" Collection) 
E19 D.C. Cherry Blossom 
(Fall/Winter 1990 "9091" Collection) 
E20 Florentine Fuchsia 
(Fall/Winter 1991 "International" Collection) 
E21 French Bordeaux 
(Fall/Winter 1991 "International" Collection) 
E22 Kinky in Helsinki 
(Fall/Winter 2002 "European" Collection)
E23 Mediterranean Moonlight 
(Spring/Summer 1994 "Mediterranean" Collection) 
E24 Purple-opolis 
(Spring/Summer 2004 "Greek Isles" Collection)
E25 Sahara Sapphire $20
(Spring/Summer 1998 "Painted Desert" Collection) 
E26 Shootout at the O.K. Coral 
(Spring/Summer 1995 "American" Collection)
E27 Venus di Violet $20
(Spring/Summer 2001 "Collezione Italiana" Collection)

Only E27 is available $20
pic belongs to louisek25 @flickr

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