OPI Japan Collection ~ Spring 2005 (part 2)

J07 Color of the Zen-tury $20 

J09 Osaka-To-Me-Orange  $15

J10 Holy Pink Pagoda!  $15

J11 Suzi Sells Sushi by the Seashore  $12

Other colours in the collection
J01 You're such a Kabuki Queen  $12
 J02 Don't Be Koi with Me  
 J03 Have a Tempura Tan-Trum $15
 J04 Dress to Empress  
 J05 Let Them Eat Rice Cake  $15
 J06 Miso Happy With This Color $15 
 J07 Color of the Zen-tury $20
 J08 18K Ginza Gold 
 J09 Osaka-To-Me-Orange  $15
 J10 Holy Pink Pagoda! $15
 J11 Suzi Sells Sushi by the Seashore $12
 J12 Most Honorable Red 

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