OPI Miss Muppets Collection ~ Holiday 2011 (part 1)

        HLC03   Animal-istic  $12
 HLC04   Meep-Meep-Meep $12
 HLC05   Wocka Wocka! $15
 HLC06   Pepe’s Purple Paassion $12
 HLC07   Designer… de Better! $15
 HLC08   Warm & Fozzie  $12
 HLC09   Rainbow Connection $30
 HLC10   Excuse Moi! $12
 HLC11   Gone Gonzo! $12
 HLC12   Fresh Frog of Bel Air $12
 HLC13   Divine Swine $12
 HLC14   Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It! $12

Finger Muppets
sold out
Consist of:
 HLC05   Wocka Wocka! 
HLC07   Designer… de Better! 
 HLC08   Warm & Fozzie  
HLC10   Excuse Moi! 

Next up are some pics belonging to Tera from nailsnippon, whom has graciously agreed to share them with us.
HLC03 Animal-istic

HLC04 Meep-Meep-Meep

HLC05 Wocka Wocka

HLC06 Pepe’s Purple Paassion

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