OPI Radio City Rockettes "Kick Up Your Heels" Collection ~ Holiday 2006

       SR 6R1 Talk of the Town Brown 
 SR 6R2 Opening Night Champagne 
 SR 6R3 Legs Celebrate  
 SR 6R4 Music Hall Curtain Call 
 SR 6R5 Espresso Your Style! $15
 SR 6R6 I Get a Kick Out of Gold 
 SR 6R7 Rockette Red 
 SR 6R8 Star-ring the Rockettes 
 SR 6R9 Red Dazzle 
 SR 6S1 Merry Crimson 
 SR 6S2 Berry Good Dancers 
 SR 6S3 Rose to the Ovation  

SR 6R5 Espresso Your Style!  $15 

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