OPI Texas Collection ~ Spring 2011 (part 1)

T11 Don't Mess With OPI $12
 T12 Suzi Loves Cowboys $12
 T13 San Tan-tonio $12
 T14  Austin-tatious Turquoise $12
 T15 It's Totally Fort Worth It $12
 T16 I Vant to Be A-Lone Star $12
 T17 Do You Think I'm Tex-y $12
 T18 Houston We Have a Purple $12
 T19 Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em $12
 T20 Y'all Come back Ya Hear?  $12
 T21 Big Hair...Big Nails $12
 T22 Guy Meets Gal-veston $12 

Sold out!
Consists of
T14  Austin-tatious Turquoise 
T16 I Vant to Be A-Lone Star 
T17 Do You Think I'm Tex-y 
T30 OPI Top Coat

T11 Don't Mess With OPI  $12

T12 Suzi Loves Cowboys $12

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