OPI Winter Resort Collection ~ Fall 1995

R01 Hoodoo Voodoo $12
R02 Quit Squaw-king 
R03 Red Riding on Mt Hood 
R04 Innsbruck Bronze $12
R05 Bittersweet Chocolate 
R06 Burnt Sugarloaf $15
R07 Marooned on Mammoth 
R08 Black Magic Mountain 
R09 Copper Mountain Copper  

pic belongs to thepolishaholic.com
R01 Hoodoo Voodoo $12

pic belongs to babyness @ flickr
R04 Innsbruck Bronze $12

R06 Burnt Sugarloaf  $15


  1. By any chance do you still have a bottle of R02 Quit Squaw-king ??

  2. No sorry, I only have R01, R04 and R06 left from this collection.