China Glaze Magnetix Collection

$10 each

1103 You Move Me
Luxe gold metallic

1104 Cling On
Gorgeous green metallic

1105 Pull Me Close
Crystal blue metallic

1106 Instant Chemistry
Sophisticated metallic berry

1107 Drawn To You
Subtle metallic lilac

1108 Attraction
Chic metallic chrome

CG Magnet

This is a limited edition collection in 6 shades.
Infused with iron powders that move when exposed to a magnet, CG Magnetix uses magnetic force to create 3 different types of designs - starburst, repeating arrows or diagonal lines.

You can view swatches from the following bloggers:
polish-ninja's blog here
heartnat's blog here
thepolishaholic's blog here


  1. hey babe. is the 'instant chemistry' and 'pull me close' having the opposite description from the picture? haha. :D

  2. sorry! the description is correct..the picture was wrong..have removed it! thanks! :D You can view at the blogs listed. I will update w colour palette once the colours are all in. Sorry abt that! =)

  3. how much is the magnet? (:

  4. It's the same as the polish $10 :(