Zoya Beach & Surf ~ Summer 2012

Zoya Beach & Surf ~ Summer 2012
$13 each

614 Reagan
Deep cerise pink cream

615 Lara
Vivid cerise pink cream

616 Shelby 
Soft pinky pink cream

617 Arizona (Out of Stock)
Soft  coral orange cream

618 Tracie 
Sea grass metallic

619 Wednesday
Soft aqua cream

620 Rory 
Lotus pink foil ,metallic

621 Carly (Out of Stock)
Thalia purple foil metallic

622 Kimber 
Magenta pink foil metallic

623 Myrta 
Coral orange foil metallic

624 Meg 
Mermaid green foil metallic

625 Zuza
Aquamarine foil metallic

You can view swatches at
vampyvarnish's blog here
scrangie's blog here and here


  1. Hi, can i check if you would be bringing in the ZOya Pixie Dust Texture range? Thanks.

  2. Yes, I will likely have the Pixie Dust and Ornate colours in within the next 2 weeks. Also the new Pixie Dust 2013 probably sometime in April.