Morgan Taylor Nail Polish (1)

Introducing another salon brand nail polish...Morgan Taylor!
This was just launched Spring 2013 at the ISSE (International Salon & Spa Expo)...and the great news is they are from the same makers as Gelish!

They will officially be launched in May, website here

$12 each
from left to right:
50002 In the Nude
50004 I'm Charmed (out of stock)
50005 Sugar Fix
50011 Luxe Be a Lady
50013 New Romance
50015 Who's That Girl?

from left to right:
50016 Must Have Mauve
50017 Coming Up Roses
50018 Perfect Match
50019 Polished Up
50023 Hot Hot Tamale (out of stock)
50025 Color Me Bold (out of stock)

from left to right:
50032 Man of the Moment
50038 Truth or Dare
50039 Most Wanted
50045 P.S. I Love You
50046 Dress Up (out of stock)
50049 Super Ultra Violet

from left to right:
50051 Royal Treatment
50055 Hide & Seek
50057 Met My Match
50058 Berry Contrary
50059 Wish You Were Here
50062 Metaling Around

from left to right:
50065 Time To Shine
50068 Scene Queen
50069 Fame Game
50073 No Way Rose
50077 Latte Please
50078 On the Fringe

from left to right:
50079 Expresso Yourself
50082 Jungle Boogie
50086 Lost in Paradise
50089 Totally A-Tealing
50090 Bright Eyes
50092 Water Baby (out of stock)

from left to right:
50093 Rhythm and Blues
50094 Nautically Inclined
50096 Eye Candy
50097 Deja Blue
50098 Under the Stars
50099 Denim Du Jour

You can view more swatches at

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