OPI Holiday 2013 Mariah Carey Collection

OPI Holiday 2013 ~ Mariah Carey Collection
$11 each

pic belongs to phoenixbeautylounge

HL E05 My Favorite Ornament
HL E06 All I Want For Christmas
HL E07 Cute Litter Vixen
HL E08 Underneath The Mistletoe
HL E09 In My Santa Suit
HL E10 Visions Of Love

HL E11 Warm Me Up
HL E12 Wonderous Star
HL E13 All Sparkly and Gold
HL E14 Sleigh Ride for Two
HL E15 Ski Slope Sweetie
HL E16 I Snow You Love Me

HL E17 Silent Stars Go By
HL E18 Baby Please Come Home
HL E19 Make Him Mine
HL E20 It's Frosty Outside
HL E21 Emotions
HL E22 Kiss Me At Midnight

Mini set at only $25

Consists of
HL E10 Visions of Love
HL E11 Warm Me Up
 HL E12 Wonderous Star
HL E13 All Sparkly and Gold

pics below belongs to mariahconnection

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