OPI Designer Series

This page lists all released OPI Designer Series polishes in chronological order, newest on top. 
Some of these colours have been discontinued (unable to get any more). 
Those in stock will have a price next to it.

Designer Series Fall 2011
DS040 Temptation $16
DS041 Bold $16

Designer Series Fall 2010
DS038 Radiance $16
DS039 Magic $16

Designer Series Fall 2009
DS036 Glow $16
DS037 Mystery $16

Designer Series Fall 2008
DS025 Coronation $16
DS026 Extravagance $16
DS027 Reserve $16
DS028 Opulence $16
DS029 Tapestry $20
DS030 Reflection $16
DS031 Classic $16
DS032 Limited $20
DS033 Illuminate $16
DS034 Treasure (previously DS024) (discon)
DS035 Jewel (previously DS023) $16

Designer Series Spring 2006
DS023 Jewel (re-released as DS035) $16
DS024 Treasure (re-released as DS034) (discon)

Designer Series Fall 2007
DS021 Diamond (discon)
DS022 Fantasy (discon)

Designer Series Spring 2007
DS017 Amethyst (discon)
DS018 Glamour (discon)
DS019 Passion (discon)
DS020 Desire (discon)

Designer Series Fall 2006
DS013 Sensation $16
DS014 Dazzle (discon)
DS015 Perfection (discon)
DS016 Royal (discon)

Designer Series Spring 2006
All discon!
DS001 Shimmer
DS002 Exclusive
DS003 Original
DS004 Couture
DS005 Divine
DS006 Elegance
DS007 Signature
DS008 Chiffon
DS009 Ruby
DS010 Sapphire
DS011 Vintage
DS012 Design

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