OPI Polish 1989-1990

L00 Alpine Snow  $12

L03 Kyoto Pearl  $12

pic belongs to mentalforpolish.wordpress.com
L12 Coney Island Cotton Candy  $12

L30 Grand Canyon Sunset  $12

L54 California Raspberry  $12
pic belongs to nailstah.com
L72 OPI Red $12

L87 Malaga Wine $12
pic belongs to thehungryasian.com
pic belongs to arienette9 @ flickr


  1. I have a polish called Boston Red Snapper, numbered L81. Linking to an eBay auction below to show it (not my auction). Is it possible it was released in this initial collection? I've found it listed on the freewebs list of OPIs, but without a collection. It's lonely in my spreadsheet without a collection name! Same with another obscure Valentine's Day (I assume) release, red labeled, called Heart to Heart with OPI, #SR 366. I'd never seen a red label ever. It also has a heart sticker on the cap. Can you help me out?

  2. Hi Samantha M, yes L81 should be from the same collection :)
    Heart to Heart if I am not wrong was released as a set of 3, but I do not have any of the colours :(