OPI Hollywood Collection ~ Fall 1999

H01 Tinsel Town Taupe 
H02 Chick Flick Cherry $12
H03 Life is a Cabernet 
H04 Hollywood & Wine 
H05 Cameo Role 
H06 Cinema Cinnamon 
H07 Glamour & Glitz 
H08 I'm Not Really a Waitress $12
H09 Two Plums Up 
H10 Silent Mauvie $15
H11 It's a Rap 
H12 Heeere's Tawny  

H02 Chick Flick Cherry  $12

H08 I'm Not Really a Waitress  $12
pic belongs to thedailyvarnish.com

H10 Silent Mauvie
pic belongs to puderoerke.blogspot.com

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