OPI Wild West Collection ~ Spring 1999

W01 Howdy Honey 
W02 Back in the Saddle 
W03 Boot Hill-a Vanilla $15
W04 Wyatt Earple Purple 
W05 Pistol Packin' Pink $15 
W06 Rodeo Rose 
W07 Balin'Hay in Santa Fe 
W08 Wanted Red or Alive 
W09 Gold Rush Blush $15
W10 Home on the O-range 
W11 Head'em Up Mauve'em Out 
W12 Wild West Wild Berry  

W03 Boot Hill-a Vanilla  $15

W05 Pistol Packin' Pink  $15

pic belongs to towatchpaintdry.wordpress.com
W09 Gold Rush Blush $15

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