OPI Route 66 Collection ~ Fall 1997

S61 Los Angeles Latte 
S62 Tucumcari Boys n Berry 
S63 Chicago Champagne Toast $12
S64 St Louis Sorbet 
S65 Mother Road Rose  
S66 Amarillo Almondine 
S67 Tulsa Tootsie Roll 
S68 Flagstaff Fries to Go 
S69 Not in Kansas Anymore…Red 
S70 Route Beer Float 
S71 Needles in a Haystack $15
S72 Romeo & Joliet  $12

pic belongs to dorisdavis.com
S61 Los Angeles Latte 

S63 Chicago Champagne Toast  $12

pic belongs to babyness @ flickr
S71 Needles in a Haystack $15

pic belongs to day-loves-colours.com
S72 Romeo & Joliet $12
pic belongs to ulmiel.blogspot.com

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