OPI South Seas Collection ~ Spring 1997

S41 Tahitian Twilight 
S42 Papua Pink Pearl 
S43 Loyalty Island Lilac 
S44 Moorea Morning Mist 
S45 Not So Bora-Bora-ing Pink $12
S46 Java Mauve-A $12
S47 Fiji Weejee Fawn $15
S48 Tutti Frutti Tonga $12
S49 Society Islands Sterling Silver 
S50 Flint Island Flicker 
S51 Oyster Blue Lagoon 
S52 Pikake Phakakta Plum  

S45 Not So Bora-Bora-ing Pink  $12

pic belongs to lucysstash.com

S46 Java Mauve-A  $12

S47 Fiji Weejee Fawn  $15

pic belongs to pickypuppy @ flickr

S48 Tutti Frutti Tonga  $12

pic belongs to lifesfrills.blogspot.com

pic belongs to blushedwombat.blogspot.com

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