OPI Sheer Romance Collection ~ Soft Shades 2002

S81 Hopelessly in Love $12
 S82 Swept off my Feet 
 S83 Breakfast in Bed 
 S84 Hand in Hand 
 S85 Dinner For Two 
 S86 Bubble Bath $12
 S87 Love Letter 
 S88 Pillow Talk 
 S89 Sweet Nothings 
 S90 Candlelight 
 S91 Serenade 
 S92 First Dance 
 S93 A Little Nookie 
 S94 Our Song 
 S95 Pink-ing of You $12
 S96 Sweet Heart  $12

S81 Hopelessly in Love $12
pic belongs to memoiselle.com

The 2 versions of Bubble Bath - pics belong to polishaddict.com
S86 Bubble Bath $12

S86 Bubble Bath

S86 Bubble Bath

S95 Pink-ing of You $12
pic belongs to polishhoarderdisorder.blogspot.com

S96 Sweet Heart  $12
pic belongs to polis

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