OPI South American Collection ~ Spring 2002

A11 Senorita Rose-alita 
 A12 Chile o Caliente? 
 A13 Up The Amazon Without a Paddle  
 A14 Galapa-ghost  
 A15 Dulce de Leche $12
 A16 The Thrill of Brazil $12
 A17 Vanilla-Zuela  
 A18 Peru-B-Ruby 
 A19 Ecuadorable Coral 
 A20 La Paz-itively Hot 
 A21 Argenteeny Pinkini $12
 A22 Santiago Sangria  

A15 Dulce de Leche  $12

A16 The Thrill of Brazil  $12
pic belongs to manicuretime.blogspot.com

A21 Argenteeny Pinkini $12

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